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Why Choose a Water Dispenser for Cold Drinking Water

A water dispenser is a common device found at homes, schools, hospitals, food places, shops, offices and any where else where people stay or come often. It is mainly used for dispensing usually a 5-gallon bottle of purified drinking water from refilling water stations. Though it mainly serves as a substitute, yet it gives far more benefits than a mere unfiltered water faucet. As handy as it is, it can also be used outdoor.

Like any sports events held at open places, these are placed around to be available for everyone especially for the athletes. They would love to have their energy be refreshed with glasses of cold purified drinking water. Cold water is more refreshing than just the tap one. If you have a defective water dispenser that needs replacement, choose the one that features both hot and cold selections.

 Usually, it is the cold lever that gets pressed most of times for regular drinks while the hot lever's peak used are usually around the morning for a hot coffee serving. Buying a water dispenser with coolers is as easy as buying a doughnut, the device is always in the market anytime anywhere. But of course, as a buyer, you would consider the price based on its brand, but being aware of the real quality and usage of such device won't create you any future regrets.

You also have to consider few things such as how many people are consuming water at the desired place where it needs to be placed. If not really sure of what brand to buy, check out few online forums and websites blogging about their reviews on how brands or companies that sell these dispensers work best for their customers. Water dispenser is best used when it has a built-in water cooler.

 Apart from fetching a glass of water more convenient, this piece of equipment encourages people to drink more water. Especially for kids who can't keep a routine of drinking eight or more glasses of water a day, making cold water quite handy for them will spend effortless encouragement to keep them drinking the daily required doses of water.

 Surely, the habit of drinking the purified water won't just replenish and nourish their health, but it keeps them away from diseases. Risk not you and your family's health by having a routine of consuming enough water a day supplemented with the cleanest and purest water quality streamed out of your water dispensers.
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Choosing the Right Water Dispenser for Your Home

Just imagine having 24/7 access to cool, delicious and refreshing natural mineral water. Getting a water dispenser for your home will give you an opportunity to enjoy these benefits. In the past, water coolers were considered to be office equipment. Today, many households also enjoy the advantages that they provide. 

Water dispensers are available in several varieties. Here are a few ideas and tips to help you pick the one that will be just right for your home.

 Cool and Hot Water 

 One of the main benefits of having a dispenser that cools the water is the delicious taste. Drinking natural mineral water that is chilled is going to be much more satisfying and enjoyable especially during the warm summer months.

 Many dispensers will have a hot water feature as well. These are usually equipped with two nozzles - one delivering cool and one for the hot water. This dispenser choice is perfect for the effort-free preparation of hot beverages such as instant coffee, tea and instant soup without having to heat water in a kettle. Look for models that come with safety features. These could be especially important for families that have young children.

 Model Selection 

 Generally, there are two main bottled water dispenser types - countertop and free-standing models. 

Free-standing models tend to look good in corners and, if you have them custom designed, can even help to brighten up any currently unused spaces in your home. Some free-standing models boast a small footprint (some as small as an A4 page) so will be ideal for homes with limited floor space.

 The countertop variety may be more suitable if you prefer to position the dispenser on a higher level, such as a table or work-surface in your kitchen.

 Style and Design 

 The external design of the water dispenser can contribute to the interior design and personality of your home, so explore the possibilities of choosing a style that will be most suitable.

 Look for a supplier that can provide you with the option of personalising your water dispenser with the colour and design that most pleases you and have fun with it.


 Choosing the right home water cooler supply company is just as important as picking the right kind of water dispenser for your home. Your supplier will be responsible for the maintenance and making sure your dispenser remains in good condition for many years to come.

 Talk to several companies and inquire about the packages and the benefits they are able to offer. Many water cooler supply companies will be willing to customise packages and address your individual needs. 

Contact a company representative and prepare list of questions beforehand you may want to ask. A reputable supplier should be happy to answer any questions you have about their packages and their company. For even more peace of mind, speak with companies which are members of the BWCA (British Water Cooler Association) as they will be regularly audited and trained for their quality and standards.

 Other Features to Think about 

 Water dispensers could come with a range of additional features. Examine the possibilities and think about the options that will best suit your needs.

 There are models on the market with advanced features such as thermal electric technology allowing you to vary the temperature of the water (cold to ambient), adjustable glass rests for small glasses to larger sports bottles (perfect for joggers and cyclists) and ergonomic designs (high positioned dispenser points, so no more stooping ). Use these handy tips to help you find the perfect water dispenser for you and your family.
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Water Dispenser �� A Guide For The Potential Buyers

Water dispenser is a machine used for dispensing water of different temperature. You can get chilled water, boiled water and water at normal room temperature. The dispenser is connected to water channel to dispense the water. The machined are inbuilt to chill the water, hot the water or to keep it in normal temperature. You are not required to anything manually. You have to just pull the hook to dispense the water. Water dispensers units are available in two forms: bottled water dispenser and bottle-less water dispenser.

 Bottled water dispenser: In bottled dispenser, a water bottle or gallon is placed at the neck of the dispenser. Water is then dispensed by pulling the dispenser hook or by dispensing button. These water cooler dispensers are used mainly in offices and organization. It is mainly for official use. However, you can also see these dispensers in restaurants. You can purchase the gallon of mineral water from market to fit in the dispenser.

 Bottle-less water dispenser: In bottle-less water dispenser, machine for filtration of water is also given besides water cooler system and water heating system. These dispensers are plumbed with the existing water line. Water is first purified and then dispensed. It is for domestic use or big organization where changing of bottle for bottled dispenser is not possible.

 Water dispenser is a must keep machine. People should always drink pure water. In manual dispenser, there is chance of contamination and in the dispenser there is no chance of contamination. You can get pure water for your healthy life. If you are planning to buy a dispenser then you must consider the place for which you are buying. It is viable to buy bottled dispenser for small office, small business, small restaurant, beauty parlor, education institutes, etc.

If you are looking for a water cooler dispenser for a big organization, home, college, hostel, etc then bottle-less water dispenser will work well.

 Always buy a dispenser of a known branded. The company must provide service after the sale. You should look at the power consumption of the machine. Consider the size of the dispenser. Water dispensers are available in various shape and size. You can explore the market to find a right water cooling machine for your place. You should also focus on the warranty period of the machine before buying. You should ask for demo from the company. The professional will arrive at your place to give demo.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Choosing the Best Home Water Dispenser Made Easy

Let me ask you a simple question. Do you think the water purification unit which you have at your home is the best home water dispenser? Are you sure it is capable of safeguarding your family from all the potential ailments caused due to consuming contaminated water?

Well, if you are not sure; you need to do some tests and make sure your dispensing unit is worth your trust or not. After all, its job is not to simply dispense the water out, but to purify it first too.

The best home water dispenser should essentially be based on the latest and greatest purification techniques which make it capable of eliminating practically all types of organic, inorganic, chemical, synthetic and microbial impurities. The units which are based on the old techniques like Reverse Osmosis and Distillation are on the verge of getting phased out.

These old techniques are no more capable of handling the different types of impurities present in water. Moreover, another basic disadvantage with these systems is they strip off the essential mineral content right out of the water.

Consuming this de-mineralized or mineral deprived water for long can lead to the development of multiple mineral deficiencies which in turn can lead to numerous ailments. Hence, this is something which should strictly be avoided.

The best home water dispenser should retain these essential mineral traces in the water as they are required by our body for its day to day functioning. This is something which is achieved by a Multi stage water purifier.

As is evident from the name, this purifier typically involves more than one stages of filtering. These stages are typically based on advanced techniques like sub micron filtration and ion exchange. Due to multiple purification techniques, these systems are capable of eliminating all types of contaminants from water and dispensing aqua which is 99% clean, fresh and pure.

They are also smart enough to retain the vital nutrients present in natural water. They are available in various models like - kitchen faucet filter, shower filter and whole house filters. You can choose any of them depending on your requirement and choice.

The easy maintainability of this system is one more reason why it should be acclaimed the best home water dispenser which can give one gallon of clean water at something less than 10 cents!

Now, that is really an insignificant amount of money to ensure the health of your family, right? Does your existing system have all this in it? If not, I think it is the time for you to take a break from it and give this invincible and best home water dispenser a chance.
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